Forrester has recently launched a Latin American Technographics data report series, “Understanding Latin Online Consumers” in which it  affirms that more than 50% of Mexican and Brazilian are online at least monthly or more.

Although the Internet has been around for almost two decades, Latin American’s active presence in the online world is relatively new. Some consumers in metropolitan cities in countries like Brazil and Mexico have come online, but a digital divide still exists, with a large proportion of metropolitan consumers still not connected to the Internet yet.

Roxana Strohmenger, the analyst at Forrester who wrote the report notes that “understanding the Latin American market requires a long-term commitment”.  In spite of exciting numbers about the population that uses and have internet in Latin America, Roxana added “two caveats stand out to me: 1) non-metropolitan populations will have much lower penetration, and 2) consumers in these metropolitan markets are just starting to familiarize themselves with the Internet — as evidenced by their generally lower Internet activity compared with other regions we cover”.

However, certain trends, such as the use of social media, suggest ways in which companies can connect with certain Latin American consumers online. Brazilians are fanatical about social networking, with 40 million of them regularly connecting to social networking sites. That is one of the findings from Forrester’s inaugural Latin American Technographics survey of more than 6,000 consumers in the fast-growing markets of Brazil and Mexico. "As consumers become more globally connected, many of the major brands we work with are demanding a more holistic look at their global customer", Strohmenger concludes.


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