Some stories the Latin Advertising, Marketing and Media world are talking about this week.

» Mexico: Presidential elections in social networks

New America Media analyses the impact of digital campaigns from Enrique Peña Nieto (PRI) and Josefina Vázquez (PAN) in the country. Facebook, Twitter and Youtube are gaining relevance in the presidential contest. The article also shows the difficulties for the Spanish speaking world in some social networks that doesn´t allow characters like “Ñ”… For instance, Peña is spelled “Pena” (“Sorrow” in English).  Complicated “nick name” for a presidential candidate…

» How do you view the technology outlook for Latin America in 2012?  And the challenges for this year?…

Latin Business Chronicle asks leading technology executives about Latin America's technology outlook this year. Marta Clark, Vice President Adobe Systems Inc. Latin America, Olivier Puech, former vice president of Latin America for Nokia (current vice president for Asia Pacific), Hernan Rincon, Latin America president for Microsoft and Jose Antonio Rios, Chairman, Global Crossing Latin America answer the questions in the article.

» “Smarter commerce”: A new concept for e-commerce to IBM

Entorno Inteligente interviewed Marcelo Cabane, Business Solutions Director for Latin America of IMB about this new concept they are working with. What´s the deal for Latin American tech development and the use of information in the region are some of the most important issues in the interview (in Spanish).


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