Some stories the Latin Advertising and Media World is talking about this week…

» Colombia: A new main character in the region?

Global Trader reports Colombia is blooming in several economic sectors. For example, for Valentine's Day Colombia exported 450 million flowers, accounting for 12% of the $1.24bn annual trade, making the country one of the world’s biggest exporters of flowers.

» America Movil targeting Latin America

Daniel Hajj, CEO of America Movil said "We are really focused on growth, and are going to try to capture new subscribers in Latin America". According to, America Movil plans to spend $9 billion in 2012 to bring more data capacity to the growing number of smartphone users in Latin America.

» General Mills returns to the region

General Mills is returning to Latin America. The company is buying Brazilian Yoki for 1.16 billion dollars. According to, General Mills exports its Haagen-Dazs ice cream, breakfast cereals and other products to Brazil, but it hasn't manufactured products there since it sold its Forno de Minas snack business in 2009.

» Gorton's Seafood Launches Microsite as Resource for Spanish-Speaking Consumers

Spanish-speaking seafood consumers now have a new resource to assist them in finding ways to get seafood on their plates twice a week, in accordance with the USDA’s MyPlate dietary guidelines. Gorton’s Seafood has launched a new Spanish-language microsite,, which features information about the company, its products, and family-pleasing recipes, as well as access to English coupons and electronic newsletters.


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