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Latin American Advertising Market


> The Latin American Advertising Market has an annual volume of approximately $29.7 billion, or 6.1% of global advertising expenditures (Zenith Optimedia data for 2009). If Spain's advertising market is included, the proportion increases to 8.1%.

> According to Zenith Optimedia, most advertising markets in Latin America are still growing in 2009, but the region as a whole is being dragged down by two markets (Brazil and Colombia). Overall Latin American ad spend is expected to shrink 2.0% (compared to a 6.9% contraction globally and 8.7% decline in the U.S) but will return to strong 7.1% growth in 2010. Other 2009 forecasts predict moderate growth for Latin America's advertising market.

>Among Spanish-speaking and Latin American countries, Brazil is the first ranked advertising and media market in volume ($10 billion) followed very closely by Spain ($9.75 billion), Mexico ($5.2 billion), U.S. Hispanic ($5 billion) and Argentina ($1.9 billion).

>Diageo's Latin American sales amount to $1.3 billion and it spends more than 10% of that amount in marketing and advertising targeted to Latin American middle and upper classes. A quarter of Johnnie Walker's global sales are in Latin America.

> Portada estimates that the Panregional Advertising Market is approximately a $200 million a year market. By “panregional” we mean advertising buys in Latin American media “decided” outside of Latin America —mostly by U.S. and European based advertisers— in one or more Latin American countries.

> Cable TV is the main vehicle capturing approximately 50% of panregional advertising sales. It is followed by Print (15%-20%), Digital Media (10%-15%), and Outdoor and Radio (5% to 10% each).
> Content online. Internet pages in Spanish amount to approximately 5% of total Internet pages, while Internet users with Spanish as their mother tongue, including Spain and the U.S. amount to more than 12% of worldwide Internet users.

> The number of Latin American Internet users grew by 813% during the last eight years to more than 160 million users (see table below). In contrast, global Internet users grew by only 336% during the same time period.


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