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Publicis Groupe Dismantles Starcom MediaVest and Zenith Optimedia in Restructuring

Under the restructuration plan outlined by Publicis Groupe, Stardom Mediavest and Zenith Optimedia Group are no longer.


What: Under the restructuration plan outlined by Publicis Groupe, Starcom Mediavest and  Zenith Optimedia Group are no longer.
Why it Matters: Publicis Groupe is a global leader in marketing and communication services. It is present in 108 countries and has more than 77,000 employees.

In order to maximize performance and operations, the French company has decided to reorganize the two media advertising companies Starcom Mediavest and Zenith Optimedia Group. There will now be four conglomerates operated by Starcom, Zenith, Mediavest Spark and Optimedia Blue 449, which will continue to deliver advertising services to its clients around the world.

Steve King, CEO Publicis Media

“We have the strength to make it to the future first,” said Steve King, CEO of Publicis Media, in the press release.

 “Publicis Media is a fresh opportunity to simplify our organization, invent more modern ways to gain efficiency, introduce structures to increase collaboration and effectiveness, and reach a scale and clients of greater value.”

This change is being done under the context of Mediavest’s recent decision to fire 80 of its employees after the loss of some of its most important clients: Procter & Gamble, Coca-Cola and Walmart. With this new structure, the money from the four agencies will be united under one roof instead of split between the two giants.

And American TV media outlets are about to begin selling their ad spaces for the next season. For that reason, the Publicis agencies (and all of them in general) need to prepare for negotiations in which clients will invest millions of dollars in channels like CBS, NBCUniversal, 21st Century Fox and Walt Disney.

In terms of management, each of the companies is led by a global brand president. Lisa Donohue, who was the CEO of Starcom, is now the global brand president of said agency. Vittorio Bonori is at the head of Zenith. Brian Terkelsen is in charge of Mediavest Spark, and Andras Vigh will run Optimedia Blue 449.

At the same time, each agency has a CEO responsible for operations in the United States. Chris Boothe will assume the position of CEO of Mediavest SparkDave Ehlers will stay at the head of Optimedia Blue 449Lou Rossi will also stay at Zenith; and Donohue will lead Starcom until a successor is named. All of the brand leaders in the United States will report to Tim Jones, CEO of the Americas.

In Mexico, the Starcom spokesman told Portada: “We have four brands – Starcom, Mediavest, Zenith and Optimedia – working very well. We will continue to focus on giving clients from each brand the priorities that they demand, with a focus on the disciplines that we know will impulse brand growth.”

“We will leverage the Publicis global excellence centers to keep leading in digital, data, analytical, content and technology.” With respect to the structure for Latin America, he could only say that “it is being defined, and will be shared shortly.”

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