Increasingly, the print-quality offered by Latin Americanprinters is on a par with that which one would expect from U.S.-based printers– at a far lower cost.

Giorgio Cerboncini, owner and publisher of the automotive magazine Impulso, has found that printing in Colombia has been very cost-effective. “After shipping costs, we save approximately 30% of what we would pay to have our magazine printed in the U.S.” With comparable print-quality, savings that large are hard to resist. “It has extended our business plan a full year, compared to what we would be able to do if we printed here in the U.S on the same budget.”

The only drawback to printing in Latin America, says Cerboncini, is that one gives up a certain amount of control over the final product. “You really have to trust the printer to maintain the quality that you expect. In some ways we are holding our breath until the magazines actually arrive.” Such anxieties are alleviated by the relationship that develops between publisher and printer, Cerboncini adds.

Another U.S. Hispanic magazine printed in Latin America (Argentina) is Alma Magazine, the monthly magazine, backed by CBA and Argentina's Editorial Atlantida is set to launch this fall. Its headquarters for production and content development are in Buenos Aires, while marketing and advertising sales are done out of Miami.
Alex Andrews


Portada Staff

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