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Portada Quick Hits: The Latin Demand Media? BoostCTR

Some stories the Latin Advertising, Media and Content world are talking about this week.


» Latin Content Factories.

Here at Portada, we have been looking for a while for a company like a Latin Demand Media. Demand Media, which recently went public, is a company that produces content (texts, images, videos etc.) according to the requirements of users searching at search engines. It turns out there is at least one Latin company similar to Demand Media: EmergingCast. It describes itself as a digital content factory, which,” thanks to our community of freelancers, produces thousands of short articles, audio recordings, and films in Spanish, Portuguese, and English. We are dedicated primarily to the production of instructive content (how-to), covering more than 20 thematic categories.” Its main markets are Latin America, the U.S. Hispanic market and Spain. Content is produced in Spanish, Portuguese and English. Emerging Cast is headquartered in New York City, while the content factory unit is in Buenos Aires. The company is led by Damian Voltes, a serial entrepreneur and venture capitalist, who founded Digital Ventures, a leading ad network that was later acquired by .Fox. If Demand Media pays freelancers very little, Emerging Cast seems to pay even less. This is likely because of the Emerging Cast hires most of its freelancers in Latin America, where incomes and the cost of living is much lower than in the U.S. Nevertheless, some freelancers are not happy about it. For more on the Demand Media model read The Answer Factory: Demand Media and the Fast, Disposable, and Profitable as Hell Media Model.

» Talking about Demand Media like business models.

BoostCTR announced today that it has closed a $1.64 million seed funding round led by a group of institutional investors and angels. Techchrunch calls BoostCTR the Demand Media of Search Engine Marketing.

BoostCTR is a text-ad optimization tool designed to help advertisers boost their click-through and conversion rates by crowdsourcing ad content to a stable of expert copywriters. It works like this: Advertisers sign in to BoostCTR’s dashboard and authorize it to connect with their AdWords account. They then choose the ads that the advertiser wants to optimize and create contests based on their selections, in which BoostCTR’s bullpen of copywriters compete to write targeted text for those ads.

» Hispanic News in Mainstream Media Outlets.

Jessica Gray, a University of Southern California student comments on on a recently released study by The Pew Hispanic Center and the Project for Excellence in Journalism on Hispanic news in mainstream media outlets. According to the findings there is a distinct event-driven narrative for Hispanic news coverage. Looking at mainstream news outlets, over 34,000 stories, only 645 referenced Hispanics. Pew found that the there were four main stories covered in 2009: (1) Sonya Sotomayor’s confirmation to the Supreme Court, (2) the Mexican drug war, (3) immigration, and (4) the H1N1 virus. “This is the majority of what the larger US public learns about Hispanics and it isn’t much.” Gray concludes.

» Betting on the Growth of Bicultural Latinos:

SíTV will become nuvoTV, MediaMoves reports. Starting July 4, 2011, SíTV will become nuvoTV. The English-language Latino network will have a new on-air look and expand its programming line-up as part of its transformation. The rebranded network is hoping to capitalize on the growth of bicultural Latinos. Telemundo recently put out an interesting study according to which more than a third of young Latinos Identify as both Hispanic and American.  

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