» Colombian Startups. Creating Real Impact?

Research has shown that high-tech startups create the greatest number of jobs, and it’s no wonder that entrepreneurs and startups from lesser-known countries such as Colombia are pursuing these opportunities with some success” said Analyst Alan Colmenares at VentureBeat. Is Colombia the new surprise in the Latin American market? Pagos Online, .CO and entrepreneur Andres Barreto are saying so…

»Rajoy in Spain. A new relationship with Latin America?

The general elections organized Sunday in Spain resulted in an overwhelming victory for the Popular Party at the expense of the Socialist Party. Analysts indicated that the resounding defeat of the Socialist Party is due to the mishandling of the economic crisis, the high debt load, the high nemployment rate with almost 5 million unemployed persons.
President elect, Mariano Rajoy is looking to Latin America and said that “the relationship with Latin America is better” but has to be improved more. “Zapatero made friends with the less democratic countries in Latin America, like Venezuela and Cuba; this is going to change”,  Rajoy told BBC Mundo.

» Bank of Nova Scotia  targets Canada’s Hispanics.

Marketers in U.S.’s Northern neihgbour Canada are also developing an appetite for Hispanic customers. “Latin America is the fourth-largest source of immigration to Canada,” Fabiola Sicard, the Toronto-based director of Latin markets for Bank of Nova Scotia, tells the Globe and Mail, . Sicard is charged with convincing new Hispanic-Canadians to open accounts at her bank. Research suggests that there are between 0.6 million and 1.2 million Hispanics in Canada (depending on the definition).

» Online Video Advertising Surge

 (Hispanic) Online video advertising is on a roll. TechCrunch reports that online video advertising budgets are expected to jump sharply in 2012. Brand advertisers who purchased online video ads this year are projected to spend 47 percent more next year. These numbers were released this morning in the second annual “Video State of the Industry Survey” byAdap.tv and Digiday. For advertisers that didn’t purchase any video ads so far this year, 84% say they will include digital video in their campaigns in Q4 2011 or 2012. Advertisers say they are most likely to shift spending away from display and print ads to fund the increased online video spending. While some have feared online video might start replacing TV ad spending, the report claims television ad budgets, especially for cable, are safe for now. A majority of advertisers say online video ads are a direct compliment to TV, not a replacement for TV ads.

» Buying through Magazine Apps.

E-Commerce and media properties, in this case digital magazines, are getting closer. The Association of Magazine Media (aka The MPA), says that digital subscribers are very interested in the ability to make impulse purchases within their magazine apps. The study was conducted on behalf of the MPA by research firm Affinity of 75,000 pre-screened magazine readers who access content from an app, a tablet or an e-reader. The survey netted a total of 1,009 mobile magazine readers who completed the online questionnaire, telling the researcher:

—59 percent want the ability to buy directly from ads
—70 percent stated that they want to be able to purchase products and services directly from editorial features.  
—73 percent typically engage with digital magazine ads



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