What?Although Peugeot sales have dropt worlwide, sales in Latin Ameica have growth by 5.8 %.
Why it matters? The company achieved a new historical registration record after launching of its 208 model in Argentina.

    Peugeot’s  sales dropped 8.7% worldwide last year. Even so, the company managed to achieve a 5.8% sale growth in Latin America, 25.8% in China and 43% outside Europe.

The brand’s objective is to reach 50% sales outside Europe by 2015, which means they still have one more year to go. Concerning Latin America, Peugeot experienced a successful launch of its 208 model. This lead to 98,300 registrations in Argentina, an increase of 21,6 that made the company achieve a new historical record.

As part of that international growth, the brand recorded 1,553,000 sales worldwide .Still,they wish to improve their marketing strategy. So, their plan for 2014 is to expand their Peugeot 308 range with a new body style (SW) as well as new powertrains and new automatic gearboxes. the company is also planning on recovering in the southern European markets.

Source: autoevolution


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