Papel Media Launches Latin American Division

Papel Media, a resource for print media intelligence and buying in the U.S. Hispanic market, will be working with advertisers who seek to reach the Spanish speaking population throughout the hemisphere.

Kent Kirschner, Papel Media Latin America's COO, tells Portada® that the role of Papel Media is to assist advertisers and their agencies in understanding how and where to meet this growing consumer base both in the U.S. and throughout Latin America. “We live in a global village. In many ways Latin America is a suburb of Miami and many businesses are looking to Latin America in order to grow. At the same time, many Latin American businesses are looking into the U.S. to set up businesses, travel and live.”

Orlando Castelblanco, bringing close to 30 years of Hispanic media sales experience, has joined Papel Media Latin America to spearhead the launch of the recently unveiled print media research and buying service. Castelblanco will be in charge of opening and operating Papel Media's Miami offices.

Kent Kirschner, , is excited with the addition of Castelblanco. “Orlando's experience in our business is extensive”, reports Kirschner, ‘he has worked in both electronic and print and has demonstrated a keen understanding of what it is that advertisers need.

Kirschner reports that the media landscape is no longer so easily understood. “We are in a time where relevance and value are more important than ever due to the proliferance of so many new channels.