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Panregional / Publicitas Latin America moves into the US Hispanic market…

Panregional / Publicitas Latin America moves into the US Hispanic market...


Publicitas Latin America is set to open its first US Hispanic print media advertising sales office early next year. The new company will be based in Miami and work closely with Charney Palacios & Co., a Miami based subsidiary of Publicitas. It is currently courting US publi-shers in hopes of winning their advertising sales business. Publicitas Latin America is the Latin American arm of Publicitas Promotion Network, a worldwide print media advertising sales network which is part of Publi Groupe, based in Lausanne (Switzerland).

…Latin American accounts cross-over into Hispanic print media

More and more Latin American media buyers are expanding their interest and advertising budgets to include the US Hispanic market. Grace Palacios, president/CEO of Charney Palacios & Co, a Miami based subsidiary of Publicitas Latin America, which has represented Latin American publishing houses since 1980, tells Portadatm that on the account side, there is a convergence between the Latin American and US Hispanic print media advertising markets. (For a similar pattern see “US advertisers show interest in Latin American print media vehicles,” page 7, Portadatm No. 5, September/October 2003).

Some Latin American publishers are publishing their Latin American titles in the US (see “Ambitious Colombians” below). Magazines with a specifically Latin American perspective – like Miami based Zoom Media Group's PODER – are being reworked and published as US editions.

More and more US ad agencies are looking into the Hispanic market. Ad executives realize that the Hispanic population is rapidly becoming a largely bilingual/bicultural market, which translates into more advertising dollars spent on Hispanic print media. “There is less segmentation of markets than there used to be,” says Charney & Palacios Co.'s Grace Palacios. Latinos are increasingly seen as part of the mainstream. Publications like The New York Post are serving this new market with publications like NYP Tempo, a special monthly section for bilingual/bicultural Latinos launched last October.

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