Osvaldo Barbosa de Oliveira, MD Latin America, LinkedIn: “Our Mission is to provide economic opportunity for all”


Osvaldo Barbosa de Oliveira, Managing Director Latin America at Linked In participated at the Festival of Media conference that took place last week in Miami. Portada’s editorial team held a conversation with Barbosa about LinkedIn’s plans in Latin America and globally. Barbosa leads LinkedIn’s office in Sao Paulo, Brazil, which is also the regional hub for LatAm.

Osvaldo Barbosa de Oliveira, MD Latin America, LinkedIn
Osvaldo Barbosa de Oliveira

LinkedIn’s mission is to “provide economic opportunity to all” and, according to Barbosa de Oliveira,  it is “only scratching the surface.” Barbosa explains to Portada that Latin America ” has 45 Million users out of 313 million globally so the region makes up 14.4% of total users. Brazil leads with 18 million; Mexico is second with 6 million, which places both in the top 10 countries. “We estimate that 30% of global professionals are on LinkedIn. ” Barbosa adds that LinkedIn has a team in Beijing and is one of the few social platforms allowed to operate in China.

 Both Brazil and Mexico belong to the top 10 countries in terms of LinkedIn users.

Challenges on the sales side

Barbosa points out that he is facing several challenges on the sales side: “We need to educate advertisers on how to use our platform. How to reach the right demographic and how to monetize it. Our platform allows you to slice and dice the target with a large number of metrics, like education, location, industry, seniority, function, to name a few, and then overlay the behavior component and you have probably the most refined targeting funnel in the marketplace. We just need to identify how we can make the experience an easy one for the media buyers.”

LinkedIn’s main advertisers are in the following categories: Technology, Finance, Education, High-end consumer brands, and Travel. Recruitment services, according to Barbosa, is another major revenue driver as “we have a high number of the major corporations, but we need more, that is my job.” According to Barboza, buying Bizo, a business audience marketing provider, earlier this year will allow LinkedIn to provide a comprehensive  B2B marketing platform to all  brands. “Needless to say this will also add to our Human Resources tool, which we expect to be a great growth generator.”

It is hard to say what the next 5 years will look like, but our valuable global data will allow LinkedIn to offer a wide array of information services.

Content: Custom or Organic

Custom or organic content is a big driver in our portfolio, influencers generate discussion, discussion generates engagement, and engagement in turn generates additional branding opportunities for our advertisers. We continue to look for the best way to engage our users without intrusiveness. Our mobile application carries no display advertising but it does provide video play for content sharing. Regarding LinkedIn offering programmatic media buying tools to advertisers, Barbosa says that “we are working on our programmatic offer, our data is far too valuable, and we are working on the private auction model. We  will work with the right partners to achieve their goals.”