Online Video Advertising is booming in the Latin markets. Univision recently launched a social video network called UVideo Digital Network and several other major players including (Terra with Terra Live and Sony with Crackle) have entered the space.

A new option for the online video ad market was announced recently by Jun Group, an opt-in video advertising platform that claims to have an above average industry average for video completion — 95% for 30 second-videos. Mitchell Reichgut, co-founder and CEO of Jun Group (photo), tells Portada that his “company employs proprietary consumer screening capabilities to precisely identify Spanish-language speakers and guarantee millions of targeted opt-in video views. With direct integrations on sites that over-index against Hispanics, as well the ability to segment audiences by mobile device and carrier, Jun Group provides its customers access to 10MM Hispanic or Spanish-speaking users on social networks, entertainment sites and mobile devices.”

Reichgut adds that “the majority of our business is US-based, but we have the ability to run in Latin America and around the world.”

According to Reichgut, Jun Group's videos run in a full-screen (800×540) customized player. Videos are placed on leading social games and entertainment sites. Users opt-in to view the videos in exchange for virtual points or for ad-free entertainment. We run video from 15 seconds to 3 minutes-long.

The metric Jun Group prices the opt-in video ads is CPV (Cost per view).


Portada Staff

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