Online Video: Unilever Brazil Leverages validated Campaign Essentials

What: Unilever Brazil leverages validated Campaign Essentials™ (vCE®) service to gain an all-inclusive view of digital campaign performance in Brazil.
Why it matters: Research reveals that campaigns often have sub-optimal in-target and in-view delivery.supporting a greater in-flight campaign management to Improve Digital Advertising ROI click-through rates.

unileverUnilever Brazil Brazil leveraged validated Campaign Essentials (vCE), a complete ad and audience delivery validation solution, to identify sources of sub-optimal in-target and in-view campaign delivery.

The campaign pilot was conducted due to the need for increased transparency and accountability in the digital advertising market.

OMO and AXE campaigns, two prominent brands in its portfolio, leveraged a platform by provider Sizmek, with the majority of the impressions running on high-reach websites and portals.

vCE is used by media buyers and sellers around the world ,who want to understand campaign delivery better and optimize campaigns in flight, eventually improving digital return on investment.

“We are excited to be working with Unilever to validate the delivery of their digital ad impressions. In addition to enabling clients to optimize digital campaigns in-flight, vCE provides a validated GRP metric, which helps Unilever and other brands compare digital to more traditional forms of media, like TV. Over the long-term, we feel this will greatly assist the shifting of more advertising dollars to digital,” said Alex Banks, Managing Director at comScore Brazil.

“Our goal in evaluating these campaigns through vCE was to understand if the right people were getting an opportunity to see our messages. The studies revealed opportunities for improvement in delivery, and through in-flight course correction, we are optimistic about our ability to increase the effectiveness of our digital efforts,” said Bruna Gavranich de Almeida, Media Manager at Unilever Brazil.

“The CTR is at best an incomplete and at worst a misleading measure of digital campaign performance.Alternatively, metrics, like those provided in vCE, give advertisers and their agencies as well as publishers, the type of insights they need to evaluate digital campaigns in the context of what truly matters and in a way that is comparable to traditional advertising channels, like TV ,” said Marcelo Lobianco, VP Executivo, IAB Brasil.