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What? Eventbrite acquires Lanyrd and Eventioz.
Why it matters? In CEO Kevin Hartz own words, Eventbrite has been focusing on creating, scaling, and promoting its ticketing platform on the worldwide market. These two acquisitions are aligned with its strategic focus, while also adding significant assets and technical power to their platform. Eventioz, particularly, will help expand Eventbrite’s presence in Latin America.

By means of a post in its official blog, San Francisco-based ticketing platform Eventbrite announced today its acquisition of London-based data company Lanyrd and Argentinian-based ticketing company Eventioz, two companies that, as The Next Web’s Ken Yeung mentions, “will help drive its international expansion and aid consumers in discovering relevant events”.

According to the company’s blog, in 2012, organizers used Eventbrite to host events in 179 different countries, and with today’s announcement, they expect more organizers around the globe to efficiently manage their ticketing and registration.

Lanyrd -whose team will soon be relocating to the Bay Area- is a social conference, crowdsourced directory that allows attendees, organizers and speakers to get the most out of professional events and conferences. It grants access to event information, slides and video of presentations in a cross-platform experience via the web and a suite of mobile apps, so organizers, for instance, can easily find past speaking material, photos and logos their speakers may use.

Eventioz started its business in 2008 and has operations in six Latin American countries. It is a ticketing platform, very similar to Eventbrite, actually, that has already helped more than 15,000 organizers sell over 1 million tickets to nearly 20K events. It will remain in Argentina and Brazil and will aim at providing a better service to Latin American event organizers and attendees.


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