“Internet access has become exponentially more widespread in Latin America, thanks in large part to the proliferation of ‘locutorios,’ or cyber-cafes,” says Fabia Juliasz, CEO, Latin America, IBOPE / NetRatings, an internet measurement company based in Brasil.

Juliasz says that the growth in Latin America Internet access is most marked in Brasil, where the online ad-spend already exceeds the cable ad-spend, a reality that has U.S. ad-networks reeling with envy.

Among Spanish-speaking countries, Chile boasts the highest internet penetration per capita, with approximately 41%, or 6.7 million of its 16.5 million citizens logging on regularly.

Argentina follows in terms of per-capita internet penetration, with 26%, or 10.3 million of its 39 million citizens accessing the internet.

However, it is in Mexico that the largest actual number of Latin Americans is accessing the Internet. Mexico has over 22 million online users, representing roughly 22% of the overall population, according to Ibope’s figures.

Still, says Juliasz, the vast majority of Latin Americans have not yet joined the digital revolution. “Today, a full 80% of Latin Americans rely wholly on traditional media, such as print and broadcast. 10% of Latin Americans are fully engaged on the Internet and are multimedia engaged, consuming various media simultaneously. The other 10% are somewhere in between.”


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