Fox International Channels (FIC) and The Wall Street Journal Digital Network recently announced that FICs online sales division Worthnet.Fox will become the Wall Street Journal Americas,’s Spanish and Portuguese-language online section exclusive third-party ad sales representative in the U.S. In addition, FIC and The Wall Street Journal Americas will jointly promote The Wall Street Journal Americas website. Héctor Costa Senior VP, Managing Director Online Ad Networks of Fox Latin American Channels, talks to Portada about the recent agreement.

Portada: Is Worthnet.Fox going to sell Advertising for WSJAmericas pages hosted in Latin American newspapers

Costa: We'll only promote and sell The Wall Street Journal Americas,'s Spanish and Portuguese-language online section

Portada: GDA newspaper (websites) have a relationship with Charney/Palacios. Is Fox also going to sell advertising into GDA newspaper websites?

Costa: This agreement has no relation with GDA.

Portada: What categories/Advertisers do you think you can sell most Advertising into

Costa: We'll be reaching advertisers from many categories, from automotive, finance to top tier consumer brands. Those addressed to the most affluent and influential audiences in Latin America.

Portada: Can you explain if you also sell advertising into MySpace Hispanic and Latin American websites or if they do have its own salesforce?

Costa: We are exclusive ad sales representative for MySpace in all Latin America except for Argentina, Brazil and Mexico. While in the US both companies are part of the same Group and help each other in crossing leads.

Portada: Which are the main websites represented in network?

Costa: Wall Street Journal:; Market Watch :; Barrons; Yahoo finance:; Terra Finance; and La

Jornada are among the most relevant.

Portada: What % of deals do get cross platform advertising components?

Costa: Approximately 30%

Portada: What deals with U.S. media properties is Fox pursuing in order to represent their websites for the U.S. Hispanic market?

Costa:  There are many deals in the pipeline. They will be announced as soon as we sign them.

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Fox Acquires Spanish-language Online Advertising Directa Network


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