New York Times branded pages started to be carried in Brazilian newspaper Folha de Sao Paulo on November 3. The distribution of branded pages of the New York Times translated and edited for a local audiences, is taking place in selected distribution zones, with a combined circulation of 205,000, of Folha: namely neighbourhoods of Sao Paolo, Rio de Janeiro and Brazilia populated by high purchasing power population.

The New York Times has been present in Latin American since 1991. Content for the branded pages is selected, translated and edited by a New York City based editorial team led by Tom Brady. The special section  is inserted in newspapers in 14 Latin American countries, including Brazil, Colombia, Chile Guatamela and Panama. Partner newspapers include  Colombias’ El Espectador, Mexico’s Reforma.

These special sections are called Latinreach for the advertising community. Advertising into Latinreach is sold both by a New York Times Ad sales Team and the local newspapers. Buys can include several inserts in newspapers across the regions. One of the main (panregional) advertising categories sold,  mostly out of Miami, is luxury goods and cars (including brands like LMVH, Mercedes and Audi). 

Another major player in the panregional advertising and content market is The Wall Street Journal which inserts branded pages, called The Wall Street Journal Americas, in Latin American newspapers through a similar model.


Portada Staff

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