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New Mobile Advertising Alliance was launched prior to Mobile World Congress in Barcelona.


The Mobile Advertising Alliance was launched last week, with some of its carriers servicing the world’s Spanish-speaking population. The new consortium of companies was announced ahead of the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona (scheduled between 11 and 14 February 2008).

The Mobile Advertising Alliance is a collaborative venture between software vendors Anam, Cibenix, Mobile Cohesion, Openet and SLA Mobile. Each member firm provides a component of a mobile advertising platform. A Spokesman for the member firms told Portada that “faced with declining voice revenues and having under-exploited the first SMS-based mobile marketing wave, Mobile Operators view mobile advertising as a key new revenue stream. However, the size of these revenues will depend on how much of the Mobile Advertising value chain the Operators manage to control and the extent to which they leverage their customer base through effective use of their CRM data.”

He also noted that  the Mobile Advertising Alliance is the first collaboration of leading software vendors to market a complete end-to-end mobile advertising platform to mobile operators worldwide.  There have been initiatives launched by the GSM Association with the Mobile Marketing Association, whereby both organizations will collaborate to deliver standardization and transparency around current mobile advertising activity, but unlike these initiatives, the MAA delivers a commercial solution driven by deployment experience and real operator requirements. The MAA will work closely with standardization initiatives like the GSM Association and the Mobile Marketing Association to help define best practices across the industry. Customers include: Telecom Italia Mobile, Orange Group and One Austria in Europe, Telstra, Hutchison-CAT (Thailand), Thai Mobile and Celcom in Australasia as well as AT&T and Verizon Wireless in the USA.

The MAA mobile advertising platform claims that it supports the three essential criteria for successful advertising, namely Analytics (the analysis of the target market), Reach (the number of people exposed to a  specific media vehicle, here the mobile device) and Purity (the quality of information on the target market, which the mobile operator can provide).

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