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New mags for twenty and thirty-somethings

New mags for twenty and thirty-somethings


Madrid based Grupo Zeta launched two new publications aimed at young Spaniards. The monthly Fortuna Sports & Life targets men and women between the ages of 18 and 30. The 130-page magazine was launched in May with an initial circulation of 200,000 copies. The single copy price will be 2 euros (approx. US $2.40). Decoración Woman (circ. 120,000) will be published on a quarterly basis together with the women's magazine Woman (circ. 126,000). The 100-page magazine will feature different styles of home decor, photos of homes, and practical decorating ideas.

Additionally, the men's monthly magazine, Man, (press run 95,000, circ. 57,000) will increase its page count with coverage of science and technology, as well as business, health/fitness and travel. Ediciones Reunidas, the Grupo Zeta subsidiary responsible for publishing the new magazines, plans to spend 4.2 million euros (approx. US $5 million) in an advertising campaign to promote the magazines.

…and Digital Video Magazine…

To take advantage of the digital video boom in Spain, Grupo Zeta launched Digital Video Magazine, a new publication for amateurs and professionals in the digital video field. The 100-page book evaluates new equipment and provides lots of information about how to take maximum advantage of digital video equipment. The magazine is led by Luis Jorge Garcia.

…but isn't ready to hit the US market.

Grupo Zeta, publisher of widely-read general interest magazines such as Tiempo (circ. 69,000) and Interviu (140,000), is not very active in the US-Hispanic or Latin American markets. Gema Arcas, director of International Advertising at Grupo Zeta, told Portadatm that Grupo Zeta has been distributing some magazines through local publishing houses in Argentina and Mexico, but not in the US. However, Ediciones B, Grupo Zeta's book publishing unit, has a strong presence in the Latin American and US-Hispanic markets.

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