CCE is an IPTV software solution that enables operators to rapidly conceive, design, package, deploy and manage a broad range of compelling content and services.
CODETEL deployed its Pay TV service, using IP infrastructure (IPTV), in the Dominican Republic, under the Claro TV brand.  

Changing market needs require that wired and wireless network operators have an infrastructure capable of rapidly introducing new service offerings. CODETEL selected Motorola CCE because it enables rapid introduction of revenue-generating services, efficient management of application resources, significant reduction of integration costs, constant access to best-in-class applications and effective optimization of network investments.

"For the customers, this means that they will a have a new provider of video services offering a richer, more modern, more compelling service than existing cable TV and satellite providers, as well as more choices, unlimited video on demand (VOD) titles and flexible channel bundles", said Jorge Duron, Motorola’s VP of Sales for Latin America.
Source: Finchannel

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