Recently we published an article on Media Maquiladora, a new company formed by former Papel Media employees. We spoke with Kent Kirschner CEO of Media Maquiladora about his company and whether the brothers John and/or William Trainor have an interest in Media Maquiladora. Kirschner noted that “William Trainor has no interest in either Media Maquiladora. Having worked with William’s sister in the past, I was eager to make Janine a part of our team and she was eager to join us. Apart from Janine sharing a last name, we have no affiliation to any other Trainor or to Hispanic Solutions/Papel Media at this point. We are an LLC based in Florida with three managing partners, two here in Sarasota, myself and Janine Trainor and one in Mexico City, (Francisco Cordero.)”..

Regarding the Venture announced with Traffic, (see press release here) Kirschner notes that “Traffiq is about enabling guaranteed inventory for some publishers and most importantly, about consolidating all of the various activities that a web and mobile web advertiser/agency would be engaged in under one overarching umbrella: planning, negotiating, managing, optimizing, reporting and accounting. According to Kirschner supply side publishers like PubMatic and the Rubicon Project could actually be publishers within the Traffiq platform.

Latin America and U.S. Hispanic inventory…

Kirschner notes that “as of today we have significant Latin American sites as well as US Hispanic sites and networks on board. Our short term goal is to build out this portfolio as much as possible in the coming weeks and months to ensure that advertisers and agencies have as broad a grouping of options possible to reach specific audiences. The ultimate goal is to create the largest collection of Spanish language content sites available so that it becomes much easier to reach audiences, no matter where they are spending their time online.

…both CPM and Performance based

According to Kirschner, Traffiq is a platform for both performance and online CPM based advertising and/ or a combination of the two. “Traffiq is merely a marketplace to connect advertisers directly to the publishers. We include bt networks, we include CPM based sites, some publishers offer targeting and re-targeting.It is essentially every option imaginable all running through one centralized management platform. The ultimate goal is to free the team of planners/buyers from having to manage so many different, disparate relationships by consolidating everything into one, web based, environment.”


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