Mobile: StartMeApp Becomes an External Seller to AppNexus

StartMeApp, a full-stack mobile RTB platform (SSP, Exchange and DSP), reached an agreement with AppNexus through which it becomes an external seller to AppNexus, a major global marketplace acting besides global players like Mopub, Smaato and Nexage. Through this arrangement mobile audiences and mobile inventory available on the StartMeApp mobile ad-exchange can now be purchased via AppNexus.

Mobile MarketingStartMeApp Exchange (SMX) has more than 35 DSP´s connected through pipes to SMX bidding on audiences in real time. This demand sources compete in real time for each ad impression and SMX waterfall decides the winner in 100 milliseconds. AppNexus is now acting as a DSP for SMX on behalf of every internal bidder at Appnexus marketplace.
Alejandro Campos Carles, CEO of StartMeApp, tells Portada that the agreement with Appnexus that took more than two years to finish, is  strategic for his company because the StartMeApp exchange (SMX) “gains massive scale and global validation though our SSP and now we can provide with global audiences to every Appnexus internal bidder”.
Campos Carles adds that he “expects Appnexus to become the most important and relevant DSP for SMX in the second quarter and massive though the 2015.”
According to Campos Carles, StartmeApp’s propietary technology allows not only to access to SMX as a DSP, every company from the ecosystem can buy from our DSP, buy and sell on an RTB basis or API connections and be exposed not only to Appnexus Marketplace, but to other 35 DSP´s connected to SMX and more than 50 demand sources connected to our DSP.”

AppNexus is a New York City-based company that provides a platform specializing in real-time online advertising. As of 2013, AppNexus servers process 16 billion ad buys per day; AppNexus handled an estimated $700 million in ad spending in 2012, giving it the biggest reach on the open web after Google.