Telemundo Media announced at NATPE that it has partnered with Argos Television to produce series and novelas in Mexico and has signed global distribution agreement with Cadena 3 in Mexico and Televen in Venezuela.

"These deals are part of our strategy to continue to strengthen our production capabilities as the #1 producer of Spanish-language primetime content in the U.S. and to solidify our international competitive position by further expanding and diversifying our novela content offering," said Emilio Romano, president, Telemundo Media.

"We are expanding to Mexico to produce original content with Epigmenio Ibarra from Argos who brings a wealth of production expertise, a great creative team and access to top local talent in Mexico", added Romano.

Telemundo Studios, led by Joshua Mintz, has contracted production services from Mexican producer Argos Television to produce a dramatic series and two novelas in Mexico. Telemundo Studios will supervise the project and Argos will provide the equipment and staff to execute all local production. Argos partnered with Telemundo Studios in a similar fashion for the production of certain episodes in Mexico of its blockbuster novela "La Reina del Sur" last year and has produced highly-rated novelas for Telemundo Studios in the past, including "Los Plateados," "Gitanas" and "Marina," among others.

Also in the release, Telemundo Internacional announced a three-year global distribution agreement with Cadena 3 from Mexico (Grupo Imagen) and Televen from Venezuela (Grupo Camero) to distribute 600 hours of high quality HD-novelas in the international markets, except Mexico and
Venezuela. The deal includes the distribution of six novelas featuring an international cast and global appeal, the first of which is already in pre-production.


Portada Staff

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