The number of Mexican magazines increased during the year 2001. According to Centro Interamericano de Marketing Aplicado (CIMA), 38 new magazines were published and 24 folded.

In total, the number of magazines increased by 15% to 850 magazines. Most of the magazines that folded covered information technology. The publishers who made the most launches were Editora Cinco (7), CM (5), Grupo Editorial Vid (4), Editorial Televisa (4), Editorial Mango (3), Notmusa (3) and Novedades Editores (3).

Most of the new titles, including Por fin!,>Trivia del espectáculo, TV y más, Revista EXA, cover entertainment. Other launches cover very specific vertical sectors such as Tatuajes y perforaciones (CM) and Caprichos y antojos (Editorial Mango).

…With a “multiplatform” magazine launch…

PC Intelligent, launched at the beginning of 2002, was tauted as the first magazine with a DVD attached. The collect-able DVD is not promotional, rather its content deepens the topics covered in the magazine's print version. PC Intelligent is a monthly targeted at readers who enjoy

technology and entertainment. The idea is to have a “stationary” publication for traditional readers, and incorporate a DVD as a value added content technology for the whole family. PC Intelligent's circulation is 52,000. The content of the magazine is produced in México and the DVDs are made in the Netherlands.

PC Intelligent understands itself as the logical evolution of magazines about software and hardware. It aims to be an advertising platform for companies offering goods and services in the information technology sector.

…And a new edition of Playboy

Several new magazines are being launched during the second half of 2002. The Mexican edition of Playboy was launched on October 9 by Mexican publisher Grupo Sayrols. Playboy-México's target audience is men between 25 and 45 years old. Editorial content is produced by Mexican journalists and most of the photographs are of Mexican playmates. It has an initial circulation of 50,000, distributed in the México City metropolitan area and throughout the country. The single copy price is 35 pesos (US $3.50).

…and a new personal finance title

In the personal finance category, La Guía del Dinero 2003 was launched by Editorial Premiere in mid-September. Its main purpose is to teach people how to manage their finances.


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