What:Mexico becomes a very interesting country for ad marketers for mobile ad marketers after leading Smartphone Market in Latin America in 2013.
Why it matters: The country is expected to outdo every Latin American market in mobile ad spending during 2014.

Photo: Esther Vargas. CC Licence.
Photo: Esther Vargas. CC Licence.

Smartphone usage in Mexico has aroused mobile marketers’ interest.

According to eMarketer, smartphone penetration in Mexico is “comparatively high” to other major Latin American countries. Smartphone usage in Mexico doubled in 2012. In 2013, it grew by 50 percent. EMarketer estimated that 6.1 million people will be added to Mexico’s smartphone owners population.


Mexico could see approximately 33.3 million smartphone users, which is more than one-quarter of the country’s population (118.4 million inhabitants). Mexico’s “lack of competition” in the mobile industry, has led to high priced mobile data plans and device prices. For this reason smartphones have been “out of reach” for many people in Mexico. Mexican smartphone users usually come from top-earning socioeconomic groups, which is why alternatives to provide smartphones to “less-banked and credit-card-lacking portions” of the Mexican population are being considered by mobile carriers.

The country is expected to outdo every Latin American market in mobile ad spending during 2014, at the expense of advertisers and marketers time spent in the country. Mobile markets revenues in Mexico ,including development and production costs and ad spending, was of US $60.3 million(794 Mexican pesos) in 2012. It increased by 98 percent in comparison to previous year’s US $51.9 million revenues.
ads im.According to the Interactive Advertising Bureau Mexico (IAB México) and PricewaterhouseCoopers (PwC):
• Display advertising, from mobile browsers to games and apps, accounted for 79.3 percent of mobile advertisement in Mexico during 2012.
• Mobile advertisement network StartMeApp noted 74 percent of network StartMeApp’ mobile ads took place in Mexican smartphones during the second quarter of 2013.
• While mobile advertisement impressions among smartphones hit 74 percent in Mexico, it accounted for 62 percent for all of Latin America and 76 percent in upper North America.

Latin Link suggested that:

• Mexico leads the Latin American smartphone penetration
• Brazil came in second with 23 percent
• followed by Argentina’s 20 percent
• Chile’s 19 percent
• Peru’s 17 percent.

Sources: Latin Postemarketer , Latin Link



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