Maya Magazines announced the launch of a weekly magazine (circ. 50,000, Spanish) developed and designed for Hispanic soccer fans in the USA, with in-depth sports coverage and latest news on the Mexican and international leagues. The first edition was published on September 2 and has a page-count of 82 pages. Advertisers included Fruit of the Loom, U.S. Navy and Azteca America. The magazine is distributed over subscriptions and newsstands.

Alexandra Zanic, Marketing Manager at Maya Megazines, tells Portada that the publication has a great brand equity among Mexican Americans.

Récord Semanario de Fútbol is a daily sports newspaper in Mexico and is committed to entertaining and delighting the fans of this exciting sport with the best stories, interviews and latest news about the soccer world, as well as the lifestyles of the most famous players, all brought with ample photographic in magazine format. It was launched in May 2002 in Mexico City by Notmusa, (whose U.S. unit is Maya Megazines). It later developed two regional editions for the Guadalajara and Monterrey markets.

The content of the U.S. edition is very similar to the Mexican edition with some added content about Major League Soccer. Approximately 50% of the publications content is about the Mexican Soccer League, an additional 25% is about Foreign Leagues where Mexican soccer stars play. The remaining content is about Lifestyle.

The publication seeks to attract U.S. based soccer lovers, particularly as the competition for the qualifying rounds to the 2010 Soccer World Cup enters its main phase.

New weekly publication in Mexico

Notmusa, whose U.S. subsidiary is called Maya Magazines, recently also launched 90 Minutes a weekly publication about soccer.z

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