Mexican Holidays, Digital Behavior and More Latam Consumer Insights

Mexican holidays are a cultural big deal. Here’s your summary of the most relevant consumer insight research in Latin American markets. If you’re trying to keep up with the latest happenings, this is your one-stop shop.


  • Recent research by Comscore shows Brazilian digital users spend the most time online per month (92 hours per user on average) when compared to the rest of the region. Second is Argentina with 82 hours and third comes Mexico with 65 hours per user. Peru, on the fourth spot with 25 hours per user, boasts the highest percentage of centennial users in the region, as they represent 30% of the online population.


  • According to a survey by Ofertia, 56% of Mexicans celebrate the Day of the Dead. This is Mexico’s favorite fall tradition; in contrast, only 2% celebrate Halloween, 25% celebrate both, and 17% of respondents said they don’t care for either. Last year, Mexican consumers spent $556 MXN in costumes on average.


  • The new Salesforce study Connected Shoppers has found that 79% of Mexican consumers expect to make a purchase during El Buen Fin, a weekend in November in which most retailers offer discounts and specials. Most consumers will make omnichannel purchases, as they’ve done in the past. As the study shows, 62% of Mexican Buen Fin consumers have purchased a product online and picked it up later at the store.


  • Deloitte has published the results of a survey that explored consumer behavior around different technologies and mobile services. The firm surveyed 2,000 Argentinian consumers and found that 50% of respondents buy mobile phones at physical stores, as opposed to last year’s 56%, while 20% make the purchase online.