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MediaMind to Open Miami Office to Expand in Latin America and USH Markets

MediaMind, the former Eyeblaster and the company that earlier this month raised $57.5 million when it went public in New York’s Nasdaq exchange


MediaMind, the former Eyeblaster and the company that earlier this month raised $57.5 million when it went public in New York’s Nasdaq exchange(read related article here)  has an active strategy towards the U.S. Hispanic and Latin American markets. "We will establish a permanent presence in Miami for the pan-regional and Hispanic market." —Oded Lida, Regional Director for Iberia & Latin America, MediaMind, tells Portada.

Portada: What are your growth projections for Latin America and the U.S. Hispanic market? In what countries have you opened offices? In which other countries do you plan to open?

Oded Lida: "The Latin American market is in the midst of a growth period and we’ve increased our presence in the last two years to tap into this potential. This market is currently in a phase that needs the technological tools and experience we are able to provide from a global perspective. Agencies and advertisers understand that local solutions simply can not be as complete.
We’ve opened offices in Mexico City, Sao Paulo and Buenos Aires, and the next project will be to establish a permanent presence in Miami as well. In the near future, we will be expanding our presence in the U.S. Hispanic market because it offers great synergies with our wide acceptance in Latin America."
Portada: What are the synergies among MediaMind’s Latin markets (Spain, U.S. Hispanic, and Latin America)?

Oded Lida: "For me, there is something very special about the Latin market, whether it’s Iberia or Latin America. While in Anglo-Saxon culture the focus is primarily on products and processes, in Iberia and Latin America the approach is much more personal, mostly about the people who represent each company, personal service, trust, etc. At MediaMind, we respect that and maintain a dedicated department for Iberia & Latin America, which I’ve been fortunate to lead in the last two years. Our processes are slightly different from the rest of the organization and tailored to the special needs of this market. Our positive learning experience in Spain, a market where we’ve operated very successfully for the past seven years, has allowed us to develop a sales and services organization composed of high caliber staff. Each team member is known and identified as the point of reference in their market and each customer receives very personalized service. The development of training materials and marketing in Spanish, and applying examples that have been used in other markets, is another synergy factor. Finally, I think it’s important to mention the current trend of unifying the use of technologies among advertisers or agencies across countries and regions. This trend and need, coupled with MediaMind’s global presence, has allowed us to carry over our success to other markets and close global deals for groups of agencies or specific advertisers. Without a doubt, this is an especially important consideration for advertisers and agencies in Latin America when selecting a technology partner."

Portada: Who are your biggest clients?

Oded Lida: "We work with all the major agency groups. In Spain and Portugal, all [of these groups] are our clients, while groups such as WPP, Havas, Vivaki and Omnicom are especially active in Latin America. Another type of customer is the major support groups such as MSN, which has an important role in our area. As far as advertisers, we again work with almost all of them and have global agreements with some of the most important ones."

Portada: ¿Why the name change from Eyeblaster to MediaMind?

Oded Lida: "We’ve been developing digital marketing solutions over the last 10 years. The Eyeblaster name best represented our legacy as a provider of Rich Media and Video technology. Over time, our range of solutions grew and we made the decision to aspire to be a global solution for managing digital campaigns, where Rich Media is an important part of the mix, but also includes other services such as Standard Ad Serving, Analytics, Multi-Channel Solutions, Search, Mobile, Optimization, etc. With this approach, the link between the Eyeblaster brand and Rich Media seemed to limit us, so we made the decision to adapt the name to a broader concept that better captures our commitment to using innovation in order to maximize opportunities for current and future advertisers, as well as digital marketing agencies. We have evolved and the name change is a reflection of that."
Portada: How would you define MediaMind? Where are your offices located? How many employees does the company have?

Oded Lida: "MediaMind is a global technology provider for Digital Marketing. Our solutions optimize the use of media, creative and data to improve performance. Our platform integrates various media channels and multiple data sources, providing advertisers and agencies with a global and multi-channel vision of their digital campaigns. The MediaMind platform covers the complete cycle of Intelligent Digital Marketing, with campaigns that know their audience and employ multiple data and creativity, offering relevant messages on multiple devices.
We operate out of 36 offices and cover all major digital markets. We have offices in New York, London and Israel, and have five offices in the U.S. alone. We cover practically all of Europe and have established a solid presence in the Asia-Pacific region, including offices in exotic markets such as Pakistan. Our employee numbers are constantly growing, and now approach an estimated 400."

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