TRAFFIQ®, a digital media platform that brings together advertisers and publishers, announced an initiative to create a direct marketplace for Spanish language digital media inventory. The TRAFFIQ Latino team will target the $5B Hispanic advertising industry, where spending was up in 2009 in sharp contrast to the broad advertising industry, according to the Association of Hispanic Advertising Agencies (AHAA). The specialty team includes top executives from The Media Maquiladora, a well-established Hispanic integrated marketing agency with offices in Sarasota, Florida and Mexico City, Mexico. The new team will manage day-to-day operations and business development for the TRAFFIQ Latino initiative.

“TRAFFIQ has shown that giving publishers a platform that enables them to extend their sales efforts while maintaining total price and placement control over their inventory is a winning model,” said Kent Kirschner, CEO of The Media Maquiladora and executive managing director of TRAFFIQ Latino. “The TRAFFIQ Latino team is a resource that publishers from around the region can rely upon to effectively market their Spanish language digital inventory. We plan to make TRAFFIQ the primary destination for all advertisers and agencies interested in buying premium display inventory tailored to Spanish speaking audiences throughout the Americas.”

The TRAFFIQ Latino team consists of executives and hands-on managers with deep experience in platform development and digital advertising. They have successfully built a suite of media management tools for traditional media in Latin America. Next steps will revolve around building Latin American and US-based Hispanic publisher relationships in conjunction with a parallel effort to introduce the niche platform to agencies, including those already using TRAFFIQ, as well as new targets.

“The U.S. Hispanic market continues to grow in its prominence for U.S.-based advertisers, but the media habits of this audience are no longer restricted by borders. Today, despite surging demand and increasingly high-quality inventory, there is a critical lack of available tools that advertisers and publishers can use to engage with each other, especially when it comes to pan-regional or geotargeted buying,” remarked Kirschner.

TRAFFIQ already includes inventory from several key Latin American publishing groups, such as Taringa, a leading website across Spanish speaking markets, which receives over 56 million unique visitors a month. “TRAFFIQ is ahead of the curve in terms of bringing this open marketplace concept to Latin America,” said Fernando Acinapura, Taringa’s SVP of sales, who works closely with TRAFFIQ. “We think the direct-to-publisher model will be welcome in Latin America, and we are looking forward to seamlessly connecting to advertisers across the region and the United States who are interested in our inventory.”

TRAFFIQ CEO Mark Kahn elaborated further, “The opportunity to partner with seasoned media executives creates a unique offering geared for Latin American advertisers and publishers which supports TRAFFIQ’s global vision. Kent and his team have built traditional ad platforms that work for the Hispanic and Latin American markets, and the time is right for an end-to-end digital tool that helps bring order to this vibrant and expanding audience. The TRAFFIQ Latino team’s effort will build upon our recent partnership with TAAN, a top Latin American agency network.”

Unlike ad networks or ad exchanges, TRAFFIQ provides buyers and sellers with a single platform that consolidates planning, RFP distribution, order execution, optimization and billing.


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