MEC’s Stanlei Bellan: “Agencies Need to Go Beyond Media and Help Clients Connect with Consumers Along the Purchase Journey.”

MEC LatAm appointed appointed Stanlei Bellan as regional development officer for MEC across Latin America late last year. Bellan, based in Miami, is tasked with developing MEC’s content strategy and new business opportunities, as well as new products and business areas in conjunction with national universities and venture capitalists. Portada was curious about Bellan’s new role and asked him about what it entails.

Stanlei Bellan Regional Development Officer, MEC
Stanlei Bellan Regional Development Officer, MEC

Content is one of the key areas Bellan is working on. In fact, he is in charge of developing a content strategy for MEC, while he is still in a preliminary phase, he notes that MEC will “delve deeper and deeper in not only how to distribute content but also what that content should be.”

Another project that Bellan is working on is to develop “new products and business areas in conjunction with national universities and venture capitalists, a priori, also a task that may not be necessarily related to a media agency. According to Bellan, “The job of a media agency is to search and find the best possible places to position the clients brands and messages, in such a way that is not only relevant but also friendly to consumers. Nowadays, with the proliferation of media formats and the evolution of the consumer’s own media consumption, there are challenges in how to properly reach them. My task will be to discover and even develop new ways of doing that in conjunction with those who are at the edge of developing the future: Start-ups and researchers. By partnering with academic researchers and entrepreneurs we aim to bring to our clients new media propositions that are not even considered media at this stage, or that have not even been invented yet.”

Agencies need to evolve faster than consumers can change their behaviors.

The Key Features of a Contemporary Media Agency

Bellan offers the following description of the key features of the modern media company:”The key features of a 5-crossmedia-150x150contemporary media agency needs to support our main reason to exist: To help our clients’ business to grow. In order to do so, media agencies need to go beyond media and literally enter into the business of clients, helping them connect with consumers along the whole purchase journey. And that can only be done with a combinations of result oriented data analysis, behavior insights and media innovation. Especially in current days, flexibility is the key for success. Agencies need to evolve faster than consumers can change their behaviors, so we can prepare the stage with our client’s messages, for receiving the audience in a meaningful and purposeful way when the consumers arrive. This is real success.”

MEC Latin America’s clients include Netflix, Colgate Palmolive, AT&T Mexico, Marriott, Energizer and Toyota.

Never Too Late To Make a Difference

Bellan was co-founder and CEO of MoneyGuru prior to joining MEC, having also worked as managing director of eHarmony in Brazil. Asked about what he learned there he notes that” It is never late to make a difference. We were the very last entrant in the online dating industry in Brazil, with several local incumbents with more than a decade of experience in the market. Nonetheless, by innovating in speech and way of doing business, we managed to create opportunities that were not explored before. At that time in Brazil, online business were used to generate customer acquisition through online channels. So what we did was to go to TV, with a very aggressive media plan, in order to tell people to get off TV and go search their soul mate online. It was quite a bold move for the market in Brazil and we were the first online date player to ever do it in scale. The key insight was that consumers reward brands that are willing to be bold and reach out to them in ways not tried before.”