Last month Procter & Gamble’s Tide® announced that it created its first bilingual commercials for national English and Spanish TV stations. Portada talked to Raquel Rozas, P&G’s Brand Manager for Tide (photo) on the new campaign and its underlying philosophy.

Portada: Now that the Tide bilingual campaign has been running for a while, can you provide some comments about the results you are getting?

Raquel Rozas, P&G, Brand Manager Tide: “The launch of Tide’s first bilingual ad campaign has been very well received by all our consumers, many reaching out to us specifically to talk about the campaign. Specifically in the case of our U.S. Hispanic consumers, this integrated campaign speaks to them culturally in both languages and targets the multi-generational reality of today’s U.S. Hispanic households.”

The press release mentioned that you will also promote Tide through social media and digital properties. Can you let us know to which properties you are specifically referring to?

R.R: “ Tide’s launch of its first bilingual commercials for national English and Spanish TV featuring Tide VIVID White + Bright and Boost is part of a broader bilingual campaign that includes other advertising vehicles such as iMedia, broadband and social media, including Tide’s Facebook page.”

Have you to promoted Tide via mobile advertising specifically targeted to Hispanics?  (we know about a recent "Gain" campaign.)

R.R: As of now, a mobile campaign is not included. However, we are continuously working on developing campaigns that reach consumers in the spaces where they are active.

Are you planning future Hispanic Tide campaigns? When will they occur and what media will be used?

R.R: “We are constantly developing innovative products and campaigns that respond to the unique needs of all our consumers, including U.S. Hispanics.”

Q: How do different brand managers in P&G such as yourself, share their insights and experiences on reaching out the Hispanic demographic (e.g. is there an institutional setting within P&G for that, or workgroups etc.)?

R.R: “At P&G, we watch and listen very closely to our consumers to understand their needs, likes and behavior. As brand managers, we work together to share insights and information in order to develop and implement successful products and campaigns that continuously touch and improve our consumer’s lives in a meaningful way.”


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