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Madrid’s Immigrants and their Media Consumption Patterns

Association for the Understanding of the Immigrant Population releases media study.


Spain’s Asociacion para el Conocimiento de la Poblacion Inmigrante—or the Association for the Understanding of the Immigrant Population— just released a study detailing the media consumption patterns of Madrid’s immigrant population.

The study measured the consumption habits of almost 2,000 immigrants of Latin American, Eastern European, and Asian descent. Madrid’s total immigrant population is estimated at approximately 630,000.

The study was conducted through personal interviews during September/October of 2007, and found that general market free papers achieved the highest penetration among the immigrant community, with 51.2 percent of respondents claiming to read them regularly. Weekly immigrant-focused publications garnered the next highest percentage of readers at 46.7%

General Market paid circulation papers took third place, capturing 22% of Madrid’s immigrant population, while monthly immigrant focused publications came in last, with just 17.8% of the overall immigrant readership.

The gender breakdown for each category was roughly even, with males making up a slight majority of the overall immigrant readership.

The study also measured things like radio listening/ TV viewing for which the vast majority of respondents claimed to take part in on a daily basis. Movie attendance was less frequent, with the majority of respondents claiming to go once per month.

Seventy percent—or about 440,900 of Spain’s immigrants claimed to have connected to the internet at least once, with 40% having done so the previous day and 25.3% having done so in the previous week. The majority of users connected to the internet to surf the web, and about half did so to use email.

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