Madison Ave. Media, Inc., announced the creation of America del Sur Movil (Mobile S.A.) as the latest addition to their Channel Partners sales team, to provide world-class digital media solutions to the Hispanic market across the Americas.

"For our clients," stated Madison Ave. Media Executive Vice President Jim Warble, "this means the ability to partner with a suite of technically advanced products and services that are fast, geo-targeted, economical, and deliver measureable ROI. We recognize that mobile connectivity across Latin America and the Caribbean is 89% — exceeding half a billion people — that's twice the size of North America, with over 200 billion mobile messages sent annually."

"And Hispanic wireless customers," Warble continued, "are some of the heaviest mobile text users worldwide, In the US, Hispanics constitute 16.3% of the population — over 50 million people, representing $1.3 trillion or 12% of the total US purchasing power."

"Those numbers prove out our contention that our America del Sur Movil Division," Warble said, "is a sound investment for our company and our customers. And that's why," he added, "we sought out two industry professionals, with extraordinary experience in the space, to lead our sales and service initiatives in Latin America."

Currently, Marisol Mosquera supports Madison Ave. Media's Latin American division, providing highly targeted digital media campaigns that span the Americas. She is fluent in English and Spanish. Diana Restrepo, Madison Ave. Media tapped Restrepo's sales and marketing strengths for the Mobile S.A. Division where she provides account services to Central and South American clients. She, too, is fluent in English and Spanish.


Portada Staff

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