"LATINCORR Magazine" made its debut in March and will focus its editorial on the corrosion/integrity management industry world-wide. Produced on high-quality paper with striking full color from cover-to-cover, this new magazine is published in Spanish and Portuguese designed to reach corrosion professionals.

The magazine will serve as a platform:

1. To help promote professionals, researchers, universities and businesses that work towards corrosion understanding and corrosion prevention.

2. For technical- information exchange among professionals/researchers and universities from Spanish/Portuguese speaking countries.

3. To make sure corrosion advances from these countries are known outside their borders as better articles can be translated and promoted to other magazines and/or professional organizations.

4. To publish papers resulting from the LATINCORR Congresses.

5. To promote products and new technologies developed in these countries, which help understand and control corrosion.

6. To enhance business relations among these countries and promote their businesses throughout the world.

7. To promote business development among Spanish/Portuguese speaking countries.

The goal is to become the preferred source of corrosion information worldwide.

The magazine debuted at the 2010 NACE Corrosion conference where several thousand copies were distributed to attendees and will be distributed at the LATINCORR 2010 Conference in Quito, Ecuador (August 31 – September 3, 2010). Three more issues are planned for 2010 and pre-launch subscriptions will become available on August 1 when the magazine's website www.latincorr.com goes live.


Portada Staff

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