What sites and platforms are most-visited in Latin America? What kind of content do they prefer? What are the particularities of each country? In this article you’ll find the answers to those questions (according to comScore‘s monthly report).

Translated by Gretchen Gardner

There are three primary topics of interest among Latin American Internet users on the 10 most-visited sites and platforms: music, news and multi-channel networks (MCNs). 

Google and Facebook continue to hold the first two spots (respectively) of the ranking of each of the countries, except in the case of Chile, in which Facebook holds the third spot after VEVO.

Finally, there are a few different B2B advertising services on these lists, receiving a large share of the monthly visits in each country.

Favorite Music Sites and Platforms

VEVO (helped by their Sony Music, Universal Music and EMI catalogues) and Warner Music are on the lists of each of the surveyed countries. It’s interesting to observe how users choose to listen to music that they can visualize (unlike streaming applications that offer sound, but not image).

Another point to highlight is that through these two platforms, the users can access the same catalogue on all of the most popular legal streaming applications (with perhaps less access to the full amount or range of artists, although they can access the same content provided by record labels).

In the case of Colombia, we see the presence of VidaPrimo, dedicated exclusively to Latin music videos.

YouTubers and MCNs

Maker Studios, FullScreen and Machina are the multi-channel networks chosen by LatAm users.  In the case of ChileQuizGroup appears on the list as an alternative.

News in Video

Argentina and Brasil are the only countries in the report in which there is an interest in video consumption through the primary online news portals (Clarin in Argentina and Globo in the case of Brazil). With respect to the rest of the countries, the video content from digital news portals is not of primary interest.

Source: comScore Video Metrix, Argentina, December 2015, PC/Laptop Only, TotalTotal Unique Viewers (000)
Total Internet : Total Audience17.168
Top 10 Video Properties
1Google Sites15.741
4Warner Music8.654
5Maker Studios Inc.6.344
6Grupo Clarin5.960
7Machinima Entertainment5.724
8Teads Sites5.382
10Netsonic Streaming3.679


Source: comScore Video Metrix, Brazil, December 2015, PC/Laptop Only, TotalTotal Unique Viewers (000)
Total Internet : Total Audience72.163
Top 10 Video Properties
1Google Sites52.429
4Warner Music21.939
5Teads Sites19.163
6Webedia Sites16.478
10Maker Studios Inc.14.669


Source: comScore Video Metrix, Chile, December 2015, PC/Laptop Only, TotalTotal Unique Viewers (000)
Total Internet : Total Audience6.034
Top 10 Video Properties
1Google Sites4.272
4Warner Music3.700
5Machinima Entertainment2.841
6Maker Studios Inc.2.766
9Teads Sites1.643


Source: comScore Video Metrix, Colombia, December 2015, PC/Laptop Only, TotalTotal Unique Viewers (000)
Total Internet : Total Audience13.347
Top 10 Video Properties
1Google Sites7.773
4Warner Music4.583
6Maker Studios Inc.3.442
7Machinima Entertainment2.934

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