Two days filled with content and networking opportunities provided a myriad of insights to the more than 350 attendees which gathered at Miami’s Fontainebleau Hotel for last week’s Portada Latam Summit.
Some of the things we learned:

  • Publisher Side Platforms target the Latin American and Hispanic space.
    While the Latin America and the U.S. Hispanic space up till now has been mostly served by traditional online ad-networks, DSP’s (Demand Side platforms) and publisher oriented platforms are entering Latin Digital Media markets as these markets gain in sophistication. More efficient online ad network brokerage systems are now targeting the space.  It was interesting to see  that several executives from publisher side platforms attended the Summit. Including OpenX (which is soon going to target the Brazilian market and then the rest of Latin America) and Pubmatic.

  • Brazil and its sophisticated consumers
    In a panel on the rise of the “Brazilian Citizen Consumer” , moderated by Cristina Aby Azar, Managing Editor of The Wall Street Journal Americas, Carol Cone, Managing Director and EVP, Brand & Corporate Citizenship , Edelman  provided fresh data about the Brazilian consumer.  According to Cone, “Good purpose is becoming a huge lens and driver of innovation.” Olga Martinez, marketing and Innovation Director Latin America and Caribbean, Diageo noted that  Diageo brands “focus a great deal of resources on good purpose such as zero alcohol consumption before driving.”

  • Gabriel Dantur on the future of Latin Media.

    Gabriel Dantur, Managing Director, La Nacion Digital, (photo) provided an interesting perspective on the future of Latin Media. To Dantur it should by now be very clear that the “Internet is a disruptive technology for the media business and this has changed the value proposition of the media industry”. Dantur said that “Newspapers took two cents of journalism and wrapped it in ninety eight cents of overhead and distraction.” “The only way to survive disruption is to understand the value you need to deliver and shaper your organization accordingly (and it will be painful).” 

    Advice for media companies:

    “If someone else is going to take your revenues away it better be yourself, but you need to play by the new rules.”
    2. “Encourage readers to see themselves as member of an exclusive club with perks and rewards.”
    3.  “Build relationship first, monetization will flow from there.” 
    4. “Deliver added value formats. Rich Media, Content Marketing. Intrusive Advertising. Branding solutions. Leave Transactional to Google.”
    “Remember. New Game & New Rules. Don’t get distracted by the iPad.  Zite and Flipboard are setting the benchmark.
    5.  Focus on finding the value proposition for each of your online and off-line businesses.

On La Nacion’s recent purchase of ImpreMedia, Dantur noted that La Nacion intends to work with and provide impreMedia insights from best practices, cost synergies, technology and shared content. 


Portada Staff

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