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Julian Yeomans: “Broadcast Sponsorships are selling out fast across the Region”

Mediaedge:cia Managing Partner on the clients he is implementing sponsorships for the 2010 World Cup. He predicts “huge amounts of online and mobile activity.” (Lea aquí la versión en español)


Portada: What companies are you buying world cup related media/sponsorships for?

Julian Yeomans: “MEC's Sport, Entertainment and Cause business, is currently working for both Sony Electronics and Sony Ericsson, both of whom are FIFA World Cup partners.  We are providing consultancy and activation services to ensure they obtain the maximum return on their sponsorship investments.”

How do you target Latin America in your buys? What objectives do you have there?

J.Y.: “We are developing a number of opportunities that will build the awareness of both Sony and Sony Ericsson as FIFA World Cup Partners and above all engage our target audiences.  Football is a fantastic platform to engage a very wide audience, both men and women, young and old are interested, and in many cases passionate about the game and World Cup.  We will tap into this passion to drive awareness, consideration and ultimately sales for our clients."

What are the main differences you see in the campaigns you are putting together for the 2010 World Cup compared to the 2006 World Cup?

J.Y.: “The campaigns will not be wildly different from 2006. “They will concentrate on the fan experience and the national pride that's associated with World Cup. However, the big difference is in the delivery of these campaigns. Digital marketing has come of age and we will see huge amount of online and increasingly mobile activity. More fans than every before will watch games on their personal computers.  Team news and information will be spread rapidly via mobile and social networks.  We will also see great development in HD coverage. TV quality is getting better all the time and this year Sony will be rolling out 3D coverage – so the TV viewing experience is going to be almost like being in the stadium. World Cup sponsorship leverage campaigns were once just about TV.  Now there's so much more in the digital area, plus new experiential concepts to engage audiences such as the FIFA International Fan Fest in Rio and Mexico City.  So expect to see wall to wall football in the summer. “

Do you think World Cup related advertising vs. 2006 is going to increase, decrease or be stable and why?

J.Y.: “There is sure to be an increase in World Cup related advertising. The broadcast sponsorship packages are selling out fast across the region and rights holders have been able to keep prices firm as the demand is so high. Indeed, media owners are continuing to demand a premium for World Cup. For this World Cup online has really come of age and there's sure to be a huge amount of commercial interest.  Watching sport online is now a good experience as broadband speeds have risen considerably. In today's increasingly fragmented media world live sport continues to drive big audiences and brands will want to take advantage of them. The interest in football across the region shows no signs of decreasing.  To the contrary, the game now attracts a wider audience than ever before.  Players are now global superstars.  Their celebrity stretches way beyond the core football audience. I'm sure the World Cup next year will set records for audience levels both TV and online.

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