Jetblue Airline is planning on rolling out a new integrated ad campaign to support their daily flights to Bogota, Colombia, which will begin January 29th.

Sebastian White, a Jetblue spokesperson, tells Portada that New York and Miami will be the primary media markets they concentrate on, owing to their considerable Colombian communities. He said that the airline is being held from advertising the new route in Colombia because the route has not been officially approved by the Colombian government. Once it has, he expects they will run advertising in Bogota’s daily, El Tiempo.

Mr. White was nonetheless certain that marketing efforts would begin shortly here in the U.S. “The route doesn’t begin until late January, so there’s a good amount of time between now and then.” White added, “All of our campaigns tie-in print, online, TV and Radio, and this one will be no exception. We should begin making decisions and placing ads in the next few weeks.”


Portada Staff

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