The Mexican Interactive Advertising Bureau  reported that interactive advertising in Mexico grew 24 percent to $180 million. The value of interactive advertising in Mexico has shown strong growth during the past 5 years in Mexico, with an increase of 800 percent.

Bianca W. Loew, Director IAB Mexico said that “the online advertising industry has already surpassed the advertising volume of the Mexican magazine market”. She also said there is a need for brands to rethink their business strategies to better connect with consumers online.  

As far as it relates to advertising formats, display advertising dominated with 66 percent of total Mexican Internet advertising market share. The other major category is search advertising with 34%. Online video advertising and advertising on social networks grew at the fast rate of 44% and 76% percent.

Increased penetration of Internet in homes, the digitization of media consumption and the rise of social networks and online video were factors in the considerable rise in investment in the area.

Nestor Márquez, President Investigation Board at IAB Mexico said that “it is evident that the internet is one of the consumer´s favorite media, so it is as well for the brands, that find in internet a great platform to run their marketing programms with efficiency and creativity”.

The government and public services were the category with the highest growth rates. It grew 182% compared to 2008, followed by Drinks (58%), Automotive (5%), Telecommunications (53%). Education maintained the same revenue as in 2008. Nevertheless, Juan Saldivar, President IAB Mexico and a panelist in Portada’s upcoming Panregional Advertising and Media Summit, said “the growth in investment is positive but there is still a long way to walk.”


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