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In-flight magazines, an advertisers dream…

In-flight magazines enable advertisers to reach a captive audience.


In-flight magazines enable advertisers to reach a captive audience. Unlike newsstand publications, in-flight magazines are guaranteed to reach readers, each of whom is a potential customer. Frequent fliers are a dream demographic as they tend to be decision makers with purchasing power. "A typical American Airlines in-flight reader is male, between 34 and 45 years old and travels an average of 11 times a year on business," says Eliana Nobile, advertising director for Nexos magazine. Sociologists have found that the level of absorption for the contents of an in-flight magazine is twice as high as that of other illustrated publications.

…and a good way to reach U.S. Hispanic and Latin American markets…

Several airlines publish magazines targeting Spanish-speaking audiences. Most of these magazines were initially published for the Latin American business traveler, but have since been redesigned to target a U.S. Hispanic audience as well. This was the case with Nexos, the American Airlines in-flight publication targeting Latin American and Hispanic passengers.
"Nexos, which is published in Spanish and Portuguese, was created as alternative reading for the Latino passenger whose native language was not English. Because of American Airlines dominance in this market, Nexos was created specifically for this market, potentially 20 million plus Latino passengers annually," Eliana Nobile, advertising director for Nexos magazine tells Portada®. Nexos' top ad categories include Real Estate, Technology, Finance, Hotel, Medical, Luxury Goods and Automotive.

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…in Spanish.

Nexos advertising director Nobile says the Latino editorial and design staff collaborates with EFE News Wire Service to produce relevant articles by writers based in the region. The editorial content celebrates the "People, Places and Passions" of Latin American culture and is written entirely in Spanish and Portuguese, not translated from English.

, another magazine published for the Latin American business traveler, is published by Coral Gables, FL based Media3 Publishing Group. Splendid is distributed aboard six Latin American airlines including Aero Mexico, Avianca, Continental Airlines, Copa, Grupo Taca and Lan Chile. , a Miami based subsidiary of Knight Ridder, publishes custom in-flight magazines for airlines based in the U.S., Central and South America. Its 12 Latin American airline partners include Grupo Taca and American Eagle. In total, these airlines service over 100 destinations in the Western Hemisphere. Advertisers can target their message to specific countries/destinations or advertise in all of Aboard's in-flight magazines, which together reach over 35 million passengers annually, including over 2 million in South Florida. Most of these passengers are bilingual professionals from Central and South America, the Caribbean, Canada and the Northeastern United States.

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