IMS to market Apple’s iAd advertising platform in Latin America


Internet Media Services, IMS  has obtained the exclusive rights from Apple to market Aples iAd advertising platform in Latin America. IMS will be immediately opening up Apple iAd to Brazil and Mexico, and then will bring iAd to the rest of Latin America.

imsApple iAd platform brings unique, compelling advertising experiences to iOS users. Most countries in Latin America are iAd-supported, and marketers that operate in Latin America will be able to reach those users on their iPhone, iPad, and iPod Touch, for the first time, through iAd’s unique first-party targeting tools, exclusively through IMS.

IMS CEO and Founder Gaston Taratuta tells Portada that “On average, people spend 86% of their time in apps when on their connected devices, according to Flurry Analytics. iAd’s App Network can help advertisers connect with consumers directly on their phones and in their apps, the space in which they spend most of their time. What’s more, iAd can help brands target the right audience for their ads.”
In addition to iAd’s App Network, IMS will provide education and support for iAd Workbench, Apple’s campaign planning and management tool, and iAd Producer, the iAd tool to help brands design and develop interactive content. Apple iAd and IMS will allow brands in Latin America to sell into any app-enabled Apple device, such as iPhones, iPads and iPods Touch.

iOS is the second most popular operating system in Latin America, beating Blackberry, Windows Phone, Samsung, LG, and Series 40. As of December of 2014, iOS users were about 17% of mobile users in Mexico, and about 16% in Brazil, according to StatsCounter.


Starting in Miami, Mexico and Brazil

appleIMS will be immediately opening up Apple iAd to Brazil and Mexico, and then will bring iAd to the rest of Latin America.

Our sales efforts will initially be based in Miami, Brazil and Mexico. Once we have created success in these markets, we will move iAd into other Latin American markets, using best practices learned while expanding iAd usage in these behemoth markets.
The two biggest markets in Latin America are, of course, Brazil and Mexico, but digital advertisers are looking for opportunities to expand across the region. Regional spending on all measured media is forecasted to rise 14.3% in 2014, according to ZenithOptimedia’s September 2014 “Advertising Expenditure Forecasts,” an increase from 9.3% in 2013. With the summer Olympics being held in Brazil in 2016, there are great opportunities that advertisers can look forward to in Latin America.

How is it sold?

Taratuta tells Portada that “With iAd, advertisers can reach their audiences on a CPM model. iAd gives them the flexibility to also choose audience and ad formats that work best for each brand. They can find their ideal audience among Latin American Apple users and get their message to the right people using iAd exclusive insights and segmentation tools.”

One of our keys to success is making sure that we can educate the entire market on effective and efficient use of Apple’s iAd platform. To achieve this, IMS will create dedicate ad sales teams for iAd in Miami, Mexico and Brazil. We’ve done this kind of roll out in the past for Twitter, Waze, Spotify, Foursquare, and LinkedIn. This is what makes IMS unique, in that with each new partnership, we hire new highly skilled employees who are dedicated to educating and evangelizing the Latin American markets about these new advertising platforms.”