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¡HOLA! Launches Mexican Edition, is a U.S. Hispanic Edition in the Offing?

Madrid based publisher launches ¡HOLA! Mexico edition with a circulation of 495,000.


November 13, 2006
¡HOLA! Launches Mexican Edition, is a U.S. Hispanic Edition in the Offing?

The Spanish “gossip” magazine ¡HOLA!, owned by entrepreneur Eduardo Sánchez Junco, last week launched a Mexican edition with a circulation of 495,000 (weekly). For more than 60 years the Spanish edition of the magazine had been distributed in Mexico and recently the Madrid based publication decided to launch a magazine in Mexico. A full page color in the publication costs 99,000 pesos (Open rate of $ 9,000 or CPM, cost per thousand readers, of $ 18.18). In an announcement ¡HOLA! said that the Mexican edition will include “information about the Mexican Society, Celebrities and the most exclusive events that take place in Mexico”. ¡HOLA! Spain is well known for the high quality of its photographic material.

¡HOLA! Mexico enters the increasingly crowded but also highly profitable sector of Mexican gossip magazines. Its main competitors are Caras, published by Editorial Televisa as well as Quien, published by Time Inc. owned Grupo Editorial Expansion.

U.S. Hispanic expansion?

It is most likely that, like many Mexican magazines, ¡HOLA! Mexico will be distributed in the U.S. Hispanic market. But what about a stand-alone U.S. Hispanic edition?

As early as in 2004, according to industry insiders interviewed by Portadatm, the Spanish “gossip” magazine ¡HOLA!, owned by entrepreneur Eduardo Sánchez Junco, was rumored to be preparing to launch a U.S. Hispanic edition. ¡HOLA! , generally very secretive about launches and known for their ability to surprise the market, has not revealed any plans to do so.

A U.S. ¡HOLA! would be a welcome addition to existing Hispanic women's magazine titles (see “The big magazine hit for Latinas is yet to come,” page 10, Portadatm No. 3 May/June 2003). More than 70% of ¡HOLA! Spanish readers are women. Also, ¡HOLA! already has name recognition among U.S. Hispanics because of its popularity in their Latin American countries of origin. Prior to the launch of ¡HOLA! Mexico, the Spanish edition of ¡HOLA! had a higher circulation in Mexico than in the U.S.

¡HOLA! revenues are mostly circulation sales based (newsstand). ¡HOLA! already publishes a British edition under the name of Hello (weekly, circ. 547,000), as well as Oh-La, a French edition (weekly, circ. 110,000). The magazine also publishes local editions in Canada, Greece and Russia.

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