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Gravity4 buys Brazilian company EzLike, expands into Paid Social

Gravity 4 has just acquired EzLike, the Facebook paid advertising platform, making this the company's 8th acquisition and making it the dominant player in the paid social space.Portada interviewed Xavier Mantilla, General Manager Latin America at Gravity4, to have view on this recent acquisition.


More M&A in the Latin American Ad-Tech sector. Gravity 4 has acquired EzLike, a Facebook paid advertising platform, making this Gravity4’s 8th acquisition in only 9 months. The acquisition of EzLike makes Gravity4 a key player in the Latin American paid social space.

CgCh2W6-_400x400descargaGravity 4 just acquired EzLike, a Sao Paulo, Brazil, based Facebook paid advertising platform. This is Gravity4’s  8th acquisition and makes it a dominant player in the Latin American paid social space. Gravity4 recently hired Xavier Mantilla as its General Manager for Latin America.

According to Mantilla, “EzLike has worked with the largest retailers in Brazil. This experience with performance social media is huge for us, as the performance model will allow us to operate a similar model in Mexico.” Gravity4 intends to use best practices across markets. Its   product management for social is in Belo Horizonte, where it now has 12 employees  and 7 in Sao Paulo. “We can service clients across the region, by the Belo Horizonte team,” Mantilla adds.

Player in Facebook Ads

Ezlike is a three-year old company, which became a leader of Facebook advertising across Latin America by offering a fully automated self-service platform for Native Ads Optimization, DPA, and Custom Audiences for agencies and Fortune 500 brands. “It was ExLike’s Facebook advertising management that brought them to the picture.”We know that last year EzLike did over US $35 million in Brazil and they were the market leader,”says Mantilla. EzLike will be integrated within Gravity4’s existing native advertising platform.


Social Paid is an important element in the fast growing Content Marketing discipline.  According to Mantilla, “Paid social allows you to start that seeding and amplification, so we believe that any business considering content development needs to have a paid model to amplify and distribute the content, as we know its only great content if people can get to it. ”

Fit with Triggit

Last week Gravity4 announced that it acquired Triggit, the native retargeting firm which also has a seat in Facebook exchange.  Triggit’s platform complements EzLike and the Gravity 4 system. Mantilla claims that the Gravity 4 platform will enhance social overall in a very real way and with a data-rich model that benefits clients and agencies.


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