Telefonica Digital has launched a new service that allows smartphone users to communicate with text, pictures and voice using their data allowance or Wi-Fi.

The TU Me app works in a similar way to Skype or WhatsApp by using mobile broadband or Wi-Fi. Content is stored online and can be accessed whenever users are in the app or if users lose their device. The free-to-download app also gives users the ability to keep track of every interaction using a searchable timeline.

The app is initially available for the iPhone but a version for Android is due soon with new functionality also in the pipeline. It is available to consumers who subscribe to mobile networks other than those operated by Telefonica.

TU Me is the first product that Telefonica Digital – formed in September 2011 – has launched globally and directly to consumers. The TU brand will be used to launch other “enhanced communications services” to customers as part of subscription bundles, according to the company.


Portada Staff

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