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Gizmodo-en-EspanolGawker Media officially launched the new Gizmodo en Español as part of a fierce strategy to enter the U.S. Hispanic, Spain and Latin America markets.

It will be a technology site with “the best up-to-the-minute intelligence, without mincing words or beating around the bush,” says Daniel Mauser, who has been named head of Gawker’s services expansion for the Hispanic market. Mauser, 32, hails from Mexico and is the founder of Guanabee, an entertainment site in English that was acquired a few months ago by Gawker.

The short-term priority is to achieve the same editorial quality of Gizmodo in English, in order to attract more users. As for profits, Gizmodo en Español aims to account for 20 percent of Gawker Media’s annual profits within five years.
Gizmodo en Español aims to account for 20 percent of Gawker Media’s annual profits within five years.
The site will feature better gadgets, better design and better photos, Mauser told Portada, in addition to video games, architecture, space exploration, extraordinary engineering, military gadgets, tricks to improve digital life, toys and more for tech buffs.

Gizmodo en Español already existed under a license belonging to a company in Europe and was specifically published for the Iberian market, even though it also had Latino users. However, as part of its international expansion, Gawker decided to take over the publication and relaunch it from New York in order to work with the U.S. Gizmodo team.

Mauser says that under its previous incarnation in Spain, Gizmodo had at least half a million users and the plan is to grow that figure “much more.” The English version of the site has 20 million unique users. Gizmodo en español

“We also want to work with technology, automotive, and beverages brands, among other categories, and obviously we want to find companies to partner with in presenting the same vision: the best possible content for users.” In the Latin world Gizmodo en español faces the competition of Xataka, a gadget and technology guide launched in 2004 by Madrid, Spain based web publisher Weblogssl.

Kinja: Now open to all

One of the new features of Gizmodo en Español, in addition to gadgets and technology, is that users will now be able to access an online platform called Kinja. In recent years, Gawker has been working on and pouring an enormous amount of resources into the platform.

Users will be able to create their own discussion threads on their blogs and control who can be part of the discussions.

“The new Gizmodo will offer exactly the same spirit as Gizmodo in English. And like the American version, it will not be just pure technology. Not only will it have the best gadgets, but also the best design, the best photography, videogames, architecture, space exploration, extraordinary engineering, military gadgets, tricks to enhance your digital life, rare toys and everything that technology buffs are interested in,” said Mauser.

Working alongside Mauser is Manuel Ángel Méndez, previously technology editor of El País; Ángel Jiménez, a contributing editor who worked for El Mundo newspaper; and Jesús Díaz, founder of the original Gizmodo Español and now Editor Emeritus. One more editor will also be hired to round out the staff. “I’m very excited because I have always been passionate about technology, so having this opportunity is a huge thing for me and I am very happy to put together and work with this kind of team,” added Mauser.

Translated by Candice Carmel


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