Gas Natural Fenosa has chosen SCPF to carry out its commercial advertising efforts

Gas Natural Fenosa has chosen SCPF, a creative advertising agency, to carry out all its commercial advertising efforts in Brasil, Mexico, Colombia and Argentina. 
SCPF and Gas Natural Fenosa will work together to create a variety of cohesive and consistent commercial campaigns for the multinational energy organization in its Latin American countries with the most presence.

SCPF will only be working with the four Latin American countries listed, since all other GAS NATURAL FENOSA branches, including the branch in Spain, will continue to work with local advertising agencies.

President of SCPF, Ignasi Puig, said, “to work with GAS NATURAL FENOSA is a great achievement for us and is a result of our outstanding presence in the Latin American market. This is an opportunity for expansion and growth in the Latin American Market for the multinational energy organization, and we will take advantage of this”.

GAS NATURAL FENOSA is the largest integrated gas and electricity company in Spain and Latin America, leader in the commercialization of natural gas in Iberia, the third operator of LNG in the world with a fleet of 13 LNG tankers, as well as the main supplier of LNG in the Mediterranean and Atlantic basin. In Mexico, Brazil, Colombia and Argentina, the company has 5.4 million customers, primarily natural gas users.  

SCPF America has had a successful career with GAS NATURAL FENOSA being its latest achievement.  SCPF accounts include Coca Cola for the multicultural market and IKEA, which awarded its Hispanic account to SCPF last March. 
Most recently SCPF was awarded a Special 25th Anniversary Prize at Festival Iberoamericano with BMW. SCPF received the Premio Especial de la Prensa de El Sol (El Sol Special Press Award) for its spot ¨Mano” (“Hand”), which launched its popular campaign for BMW in 2001.

Local Mindshare agencies buy media for Union Fenosa in the Latin American countries where it has the largest presence.