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Financial News in Spanish for U.S. Hispanics, Venezuelans, Colombians and Spaniards

Mercado de Dinero’s editions in several Spanish-speaking countries allow for multi-country advertising sales.


There are not that many business publications in Spanish.and even less focused exclusively on the financial markets. One of the very few is Mercado de Dinero, which is published in five different countries (Spain, USA, Venezuela, Colombia and the United Kingdom). With these many editions it can be really regarded as a pan-regional publication. The publication is published by the Spanish consumer group Ausbanc.

The anchor publication is in Spain where it is published biweekly. Outside Spain, different national editions are published on a monthly basis, Manouch Neme, Executive Director of Mercado de Dinero USA tells Portada. “We are focused 100% on consumers of financial products as well as on entrepreneurs and Hispanic business people.”

“Some of our content is shared with the other editions but a large part of it is local content,” Neme notes.

The Pembroke Pines, FL-based 2 year-old US edition of the publication has a circulation of 30,000 and is distributed for free (mostly over direct mail) to financial institutions mostly based in the state of Florida. Mercado de Dinero USA also works together with the U.S. Hispanic Chamber of Commerce to distribute the publication nationwide.

Panregional Buys

Neme adds that she is able to sell Mercado de Dinero USA advertising to many Spanish and Venezuelan companies. At the same time many Florida-based real estate companies are interested in reaching buyers in Venezuela, Spain and Colombia through Mercado de Dinero’s editions in those countries. Main advertising clients of Mercado de Dinero USA include New York Life, Coldwell Banker and AFLAC.

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