The number of Facebook users in Latin America hit the 60 million mark in June this year.

According to a study done by SMLatam, 5.6 million users residing in Latin America joined the social network in July, confirming the ongoing trend of Latin Americans’ increased participation in the big social networks.  At least 32% of the region’s Internet users have a Facebook profile.

The gender breakdown of Latin Americans on Facebook is 52% women and 48% men, and within each country in the region the user numbers by sex are also similar, at 48% and 54%, respectively.

In terms of number of Facebook users, Mexico leads the way in the region with 12.5 million, followed by Argentina with 10 million, and Colombia with 9.7 million.  Brazil, for its part, is one of the most active Latin American countries on the Internet and counts 4.6 million social network users, although Orkut – not Facebook – leads the ranking as the top social network in that country.  Even so, Facebook has still carved out the greatest growth, percentage-wise, of any social network in the region (16%).

Mexico added the largest number of users in the month of July, with 1.3 million new users. The country with the lowest rate of growth last month was Puerto Rico, with 2.7%.

At the other end of the spectrum is Nicaragua, which has the lowest number of Facebook users (176,000).

Source: SMLatam


Portada Staff

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