Express Media International Group a London based company that publishes newspapers and yellow pages targeting Latin American communities in Madrid (Spain) and London is launching a Spanish-language free weekly newspaper called ExpressNews targeting the U.S. Hispanic market. The publication, which started to be distributed on July 29th,  is going to have an initial distribution of 40,000 (CVC audited) in the South Florida communities of Miami-Dade, West Palm Beach and Broward.
The distribution is starting on 700 distribution points and in a month we will initiate operations too with home delivery. The newspaper is also supported on Internet”, Carla Mena General Manager of ExpressNews U.S. edition tells Portada.
Publishing newspapers (free or low-priced) for immigrant Hispanic communities has been spreading, not only in the U.S. Hispanic market, but also in Europea (particularly in Spain).
Advertising and editorial breakdown
Panregional advertising from advertisers in the U.S. and Europe targeting an immigrant population is going to play a role in Express News’s U.S. edition.
“We manage 40% advertising and 60% editorial. We include national and local advertising; also we have clients that desire to advertise not only in USA but also in the UK and Spain”, Mena adds.
 The company started in United Kingdom in the year 2000 (see timeline box below)  with its first product ExpressNews (Spanish-language weekly). Then it introduced Brazilian News (newspaper), Paginas Latinas (yellow pages) and Paginas Brasileiras (yellow pages.
In the year 2005 it opened a branch in Madrid, Spain and now in the USA. According to Mena, “The idea is to become the best Latin-American newspaper in the USA. It has won awards in the UK because of its mission to bring information from all Latin-American countries to the immigrant population from each country.”
The page-count of the new publication will be between 28 – 60 pages.
”Our team counts with 50 – 60 people. We have journalists on every country in Latin-America, besides that, we have teams working in UK, Spain, Colombia and USA,” Mena says.
Most of the editorial content refers to international, national and local news, comprehending sections about politics, economy, sports, arts, culture, entertainment, social news, community, etc.
Express Media International Group is also looking to expand in Colombia.
Timeline of Evolution of Express Media International Group
February 2000
Foundation, Express Media International Ltd., London, England
February 2000
ExpressNews was created and introduced in the market, London, England (25,000 monthly)
December 2001
BrazilianNews was created and introduced in the market, London, England
ExpressNews was introduced in Madrid, Spain (8,000 weekly)
September 2007
BrazilianNews (Portuguese) was introduced in Madrid, Spain
January 2008
Páginas Brasileras (Portuguese)was introduced in London, England
January 2008
Páginas Latinas (Yellow Page Directory) was introduced in London, England
July 2008
ExpressNews is being introduced in Florida, United States (40,000 weekly)
2008 TBD
Introduction of Express Newspaper in Colombia
2009 TBD
Introduction of Paginas Latinas (Yellow Page Directories) in U.S. Hispanic market

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